Synthesis Of Nanomagnetic Fluids And Their UV Spectrophotometric Response With Aliphatic Organic Acids And 1st Tier Dendrimers

Shivani R Pandya, Man Singh

Centre for Nanoscience, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar

Synthesis of Magnetic nanoparticles were made using coprecipitation method on mixing   Fe+3 and Fe+2  in 2:1 ratio with aqueous 8M NaOH which on heating at 90°C for 2 h has yielded 85% magnetic (Fe3O4) nanoparticles (MNPs), characterized by XRD, VSM, SEM, and HR-TEM. The formic acid (FA), oxalic acid (OA) and citric acid (CA), the series of aliphatic organic acids along with Trimesoyl 1, 3, 5 tridimethyl malonate (TTDMM), trimesoyl 1, 3, 5 tridiethyl malonate (TTDEM), trimesoyl 1, 3, 5 tridipropyl malonate (TTDPM), trimesoyl 1, 3, 5 tridibutyl malonate (TTDBM) and trimesoyl 1, 3, 5 tridihexyl malonate (TTDHM) 1st tier dendrimers were used separately for preparing nanomagnetic fluid. From 25 to 150 μM MNPs at an interval of 25 μM were dispersed in 150 μM of acids and dendrimers separately with DMSO. UV-VIS spectrophotometry showed a maximum MNPs dispersion with TTDMM against others and found to be most stable nanomagnetic fluid on account of capping type mechanism of acids.

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