Victor S. Abrukov, V.D. Kochakov, A.V. Smirnov, S.V. Abrukov

Chuvash State University

There is a very important question: is it possible to predict what should be the nano material (structure, components, and dimensions) and what technology should be used with to provide the required properties and characteristics of nano materials? In this paper we present the first results of application of Data Mining (DM) [1], [2] to create special calculation models (CM) and to look for an answer the question. The CM are based on experimental results for the characteristics of nano films of linear-chain carbon (LCC) with embedded into LCC metal and nonmetal atoms (LCC MNA). For the first time LCC MNA were manufactured in the Chuvash State University [3], using unique technology protected by a patent [4], and using a variety of know-how. The direction of work can be of great interest for active and passive elements of solid-state electronics [5], sensors, medical applications, etc.

We believe that the Data Mining tools in particular the ANN are very promising methods of analyzing the available experimental results. They allow summarize the experimental results in a qualitatively new level (in the form of a computational model) and thereby significantly increase their value as well as they allow to obtain (to predict) the new "experimental" results without direct experimentation.



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[4] Guseva M.B., Babaev V.G., Novikov N.D. PCT Patent. International Application Number PCT/IB96/01487. December 18 (1996); WO 97/25078, July 17 (1997). US Patent 6.454.797 B2, US Patent 6.335.350 Bl.

[5] Novikov, N.D., Kochakov, N.D., Telegin G.G. Status of research and prospects for the use of films of LCC in nanoelectronics. Nanotechnology. № 2, 2006, pp.28-35. (in Russian)

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  • Dear colleagues! I suggest to conduct joint research.

    Abstract of joint research project:

    A large amount of experimental data on the characteristics of nanomaterials obtained by use different technologies accumulated around the world.

    But these results are not generalized, and are not represented in the form of a knowledge base.


    Knowledge Base is the tool of generalization of experimental data, the tool of uncovering hidden patterns; the tool for creation of multifactor computational models. These computational models are able to predict the properties and characteristics of nanomaterials of the uninvestigated compositions or for previously unstudied modes of technological processes.

    The purpose of this project is to create a knowledge base by means of Data Mining.

    The project will use a Russian side analytical platform that contains all tools of Data Mining. It are able to meet the challenges of the project at the advanced level.

    Examples of our studies deal with the project are presented in our reports:

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