Design Of CMOS SCC Biosensor based on PH as a electrochemical transducer for early detection of Cancer

Rajesh Laik, Vijay Nath, R.N. Gupta

Birla Institute Of Technology,Mesra,Ranchi

I am basically a Biologist doing my Doctoral thesis in Nano-Biotechnology, Biosensors, supervised by Professors from Pharmaceutical sciences and Dept. Of ECE, VLSI design lab, where electronic circuits are simulated for interdisciplinary sciences, my application is on Biological disease detection specially Cancer, with the approach of Electronics.




In Biosensor the input signal is the energy converting transducer and the output is the voltage, the biological signal transduction takes place in the form of ATP,Hydrogen ion transfer via electron transport system occurring in the mitochondria of the cell thus converting into electrical signal which is detected by the CMOS  SCC circuit. The electron transport chain is related with PH , standard Gibbs free energy, phosphorylation in which the transfer of phosphate group is proportional to the no. of electrons transferred , thus the principle equation  helps us to monitor the energy balance with redox potential, and the cancer patient ability to produce the energy is calculated in the form of phosphorylation with change in PH and electron transfer giving output in m Volts vs Volts in normal person, so the signal becomes very weak due to less transfer of charged phosphate group, and less energy . From this we can determine whether the reaction is aerobic or anaerobic hence the free energy change in cancer cell is determined, with electrochemical sensor PH with mVolt. PH is highly sensitive paper to react with biological samples like saliva,Urine. on both sides, so the measurement of PH is  calculated with PHvs time vs voltage, early stage cancer detection at every steps is monitored with standard buffer & PH. This abstract focuses on the fooding pattern, and the status of PH of the saliva and the color of the tongue that changes with the digestive system, the dependent factor on which the PH of the system is regulated are dieting plan, behavioral stress which varies according the external stimulus like Psycho social, Temperature of the atmosphere  hypothalamus plays the role in responding to take right food to regulate the temp and hence PH status is monitored, at time interval, any type of stress,like behavioral,  may cause the symptoms of ulcer.ThusThe PH alerts us  to detect the sysmptoms at the earliest possible .Evidence to proof the above hypothesis – - morning PH – 8 (due to improper digestion of food), stool immobility in stomach. Tea and water was eaten  at  lavatory and toilet, then the PH  is normal at neutral change to 7, then Papad was eaten and checked the PH after 3  hrs – it was going down to 6 so to stabilize and balance the condition  of the stomach small Break fast with Water + food, or else the PH 6  tends to more acidic to demand Water and enzyme amylase to react with food ,but due to  lack of food intake at proper time Enzyme inhibition and deactivation of Enzyme amylase due to more hydrochloricacid produced in the stomach and might have lead to Colon cancer. Which is proved by detection method of PH as the only electrochemical transducer .The algorithm suggests that the PH status of the saliva is linked with neural system leading to Hyper-tension and anger and hence Psychological disturbance in human behavior is monitored. So it does the multiple function for early detection of neural, Metabolic and Psychological monitoring, with shift in PH value from neutral – acidic & neutral – alkaline. This fooding pattern compares the normal fooding habit vs cancerous  dieting pattern, at various time interval, thus from this table we can sort out the PH parameter at regular time interval at which the the  food is taken, because the color of the P H changes according to the food we take acidic to alkaline, and we can decide which food to take for maintaining good health, and monitor that by what time the food needs to be taken to stabilize the PH. The patient become cancerous, hence  this pattern determines our gastric system of normal vs cancer.timefore the pattern is developed previously we are fuzzy about taking food so we take random intake  with out measuring time, so we develop the symptoms but once the symptoms appeared care is more towards developing a systematic fooding pattern, to make a healthy life style. The comparative chart of fooding pattern gives the details pattern of the diet the  patient  should follow while stabilizing the PH, this also shows the lifestyle behavior of patient .Here it shows that the patient wt  is decreasing , this is the case study of a patient, he is tobacco users,so the things which we should also follow simulataneously with food is the physical exercise with practice of Yoga, so that our time of eating is controlled we donot have to rush for food,which is the neural stress on stomach,this can lead us to unconsciousness, feeling of dizziness because our hunger is controlled with time and Pranayam, this all actions can be performed  and the PH is monitored at the regular interval.

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