Probing Single walled Carbon Peapod enclosing the smallest Fullerene (C20 @SWNT) as a two terminal junction device

Milanpreet Kaur, Ravinder Singh Sawhney, Derick Engles


A novel approach towards the study of the electrical properties of the Carbon Peapod as two terminal junction device is being presented in this paper. The Carbon Peapod was synthesised by the enclosing the smallest known fullerene, C20 within Single Walled Carbon Nano Tube (SWNT), which was then perused as the two- probe molecular junction. Further, the two electrical properties namely, Current and Conductance were scrutinized through the detailed evaluation of its Density Of States (DOS), Molecular Energy Spectrum (MES) and Transmission Spectrum (TS) along with its comparison to the original Single Walled Carbon Nano Tube (SWNT). The C20 @SWNT Peapod junction exhibited the large deviations in Current characteristics from its aboriginal Armchair SWNT junction; which were clearly visible in detailed measurement characteristics- the Conductance Curve. Such a variation in the electrical characteristics was the indication of involvement of the enclosed fullerene in energy transfer process of this two-probe junction. We finally concluded that rigorous trapping of fullerene within SWNT could result in the applications for memory storage and processing.


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