Raghu Educational institutions,Visakhapatnam, India


Modeling and simulation of cantilever beams are used to optimize the design, to improve the performance of the devices, to reduce time to market, to minimize the development time and cost by avoiding unnecessary design cycles and foundry runs. The major design objectives in any devices design, is to meet the required functional parameters and the reliability of the device. The functional parameters depend on the geometry of the structure, material properties and process parameters. All model parameters act as input to optimize the functional parameters. The major difficulty the designer faces is the dimensions and properties used in the simulation of cantilever beams cannot be exactly followed during fabrication. In order to overcome this problem, the designer must test the device in simulation for bound of parameters involved in it. The steady state analysis routines use functions from Matlab’s Control Toolbox. The steady state algorithm takes care of the response of a system subjected to damping and sinusoidal forces. Finally the transient analysis algorithm uncovers the instantaneous state of a system as a function of time.



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