Nishu Gupta, Isha Bharti


Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering),

Delhi, India

In recent years, semiconductor nanomaterials have been extensively studied and reports are available for their preparation methods, physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles and their characterization techniques.Advances in the understanding of nano-electronic devices have created revolution in all fields of its applications. May it be nano-electromechanical systems, fluorescent-magnetic devices, nano-biodevices, nano sensors, terahertz devices or a vast field of nanotechnology; everywhere nano-electronics has made a vital dent. The pace at which technology is moving and penetrating far beyond sub-atomic levels, advancement of any engineering discipline is not possible without the development of nanomaterials. Hence continued researches full of vivid novelties are required in nano-electronic materials technologies. Research demands that the development of newer materials, their characterization and appropriate applications be given topmost priority. All these seem to become possible in near future due to amazing amount of materials and technology embedded in them. With this aim, in this paper, scenarios of emerging trends of nano materials have been focused to present the current and futuristic nano-electronic materials.


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