The Materials Science Community on nanoHUB

Tanya Faltens and Alejandro Strachan

Purdue University is an open-access cyberinfrastructure that is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation, and is a versatile platform for delivering computational resources to enable materials science simulations. nanoHUB enables free cloud scientific computing, where users can access simulation tools for research and education using a web-browser or iPad, without the need to install software or have access to local computing resources. The tools have fully-interactive graphical user interfaces, and simulation output includes data download options and 3D visualization. On the back end, nanoHUB resources include high performance computing clusters that enable research-quality simulation.
The Materials Science Group in nanoHUB is a place where members of the community can collaborate and have conversations about materials science research and education. Simulations tools, Simulation-Powered Learning Activities and Materials Courses are available, all at no cost to users.
This poster will present some of the key features in the materials science group, including new “one-click” simulation tools that were created for the novice user with educational purposes in mind. Additionally information about using nanoHUB as a publishing platform will be presented.

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