Dmitry Mukhin


Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov


Challenges and problems in nanotechnology need to be quickly and effectively solved. For solving it people need relevant qualification. Among them scientists, engineers, managers, officials, etc. Almost everyone is involved in nanotechnology production chain, as a producer or a consumer. In connection with this very urgent issue of training and awareness of new developments in this area

There are a lot of educational programs for students in the world. The special education equipment is very popular nowadays. Among the most famous educational systems are the following: FemtoScan (Advanced technologies center, Russia), EasyScan 2 (NanoSurf, Switzerland), Nanoeducator II (NT-MDT, Russia) etc. Of course, every device has own advantages and disadvantages.

Especially I would like to talk about FemtoScan. FemtoScan created for training. Strict mechanics was created for avoiding damage from the students, and significantly reduces the noise in the measurements.


High-quality electronics makes it possible to measure with high accuracy 1nm by more than 50 modes, and also works as in atomic force and scanning tunneling mode. Thus, the student gets the opportunity to obtain skills in a wide range on a single device.

In our opinion, the most important feature of FemtoScan is the ability simultaneous connection to it an unlimited number of users through software FemtoScan Online. Thus, the students get the opportunity to take the course at any convenient time and place for them, as well as to communicate and monitor the work of colleagues online. This greatly increases the effectiveness of training. Ability to work online is much cheaper expansion of jobs. Additional workstation is a computer with software FemtoScan Online.

Currently FemtoScan workshops are successfully operating in various cities in Russia.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that pupils and students are the future of science and technology. And preparing them for this since early childhood, we are laying the foundation of nanotechnology.


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