Sumanta Kumar Sahoo, N. Selvakumar and K. Jeyasubramanian



In this study, Bare and highly surfac-active magnetic colloidal suspensions of nano-crystline superparamagnetic substance called Ferro-fluid of very fine particles  are synthesized by wet-chemical route and average particle size were determined by dynamic light scattering method. These Ferro-fluid domains are uniformly cross linked with dense polyvinyl alcohol matrix by ultra-sonification and shown the alignment of nano-Ferrofluid along with magnetic flux of the applied magnetic field. Aligned and non-aligned (i.e. with and without magnetic field respectively) nano magnetic domains through a very thin polyvinyl alcohol polymer film were analyzed comparatively by AFM. The aggregation of Ferro particle along the flux line and formation of solid Ferro-rods of one dimensional structure were analyzed by SEM.  Aggregation of Ferro domain along with the flux was confirmed by MFM. The result shown to be very promising by tracing the Ferro domains is now-a-days advanced techniques for diagnosis as well as drug targeting in modern biomedical field.



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