M.H.Norouzi1*, N.Shahtahmasbi2

Head of Rashed Research NanoAssociation (RRNA)-Iran1*

Center of nanotechnology,Fedowsi Univercity of Mashhad,Mashhad,Iran2

Metal  nanoshells  consists  of  a  dielectric  core  surrounded  by  a thin noble metal shell, possess unique optical properties,  including a strong  optical  absorbance  that  can  be  selectively  tuned  to  any wavelength  across  the  visible  and  infrared  regions  of  the  spectrum  simply  by  adjusting  the  ratio of  the dielectric  core  to  the  thickness  of  the metal overlayer[1].These features  render  nanoshells  attractive  for  use  in  technologies  ranging  from conducting polymer devices  to biosensing, drug delivery and photothermal  therapy by absorbing light in NIR range in which human body has the most transparency[2,3].  This  paper  reports  a  systematic  investigation  of  the characterization  and  growth  of  small  gold  nanoparticles  on  the functionalized  surface  of  larger  silica  nanoparticles.  monodispersed  silica particles and gold nanoparticles were prepared by sol–gel method. The size of the particle could be altered by repeating the stage of reducing HAuCl4 on Au/APTES/silica  particles,  and  the  time  for  which  they  react.  The nanocoreshell  particles  prepared  were  studied  using  scanning  electron microscopy(TEM),  UV–vis  spectroscopy,  Fourier  transform  infrared spectroscopy(FTIR)  and  PL  spectrophotometer(figures.  1-4).  It  shows  that By growing gold nanoseeds over the silica cores a red shift in the maximum absorbance  of  UV-Visible  spectroscopy  is  observed.  furthermore,  a remarkable  intensification  happens  in  the  PL  spectra  of    silica@Au  NPs compered  with  that  of  bare  silica  nanoparticles  but,the  existance  of  gold nanoseeds on  the silica particles surface does not change  the peaks of these nanoparticles. 

Key words: core,shell;silica;gold;nanoparticles; functionalized.


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