Balázs Söptei1*, Imola Csilla Szigyártó1, Lívia Naszályi Nagy1, Péter Baranyai1, Ferenc Hudecz2, Gábor Mező2, Ildikó Szabó2, Attila Bóta1

1 Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2 Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University

I do research in the field of materials chemistry. I develop methods for the preparation of photoluminescent gold clusters. I'm currently looking for collaborating partners who apply bio-related techniques that require photoluminescent products (fluorescence microscopy, flow citometry, etc.) in order to evaluate the applicability of my products.


We apply biomolecule based methods for the aqueous phase synthesis of photoluminescent gold quantum clusters (GQCs) that emit visible light. Currently, there are two types of GQCs on our palette: red and orange emitting clusters. Biomolecules play a significant role in the reduction and complexation of gold species, and they are also stabilizing ligands of the forming hybrid nanoconjugates. GQCs have a different structure compared to bulk gold and classical gold nanoparticles, which results in unique optical properties. The products are highly photostable and biocompatible, which is a great advantage from the aspect of bio-imaging.

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