Formation and Dynamics of Si Clusters on Pb/Si (111) Surface

Rakesh Kumar a,b,c , Yi-Hsien Leea and Ing-Shouh Hwang a *

(a) Surface and Nano Science Laboratory, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan.

(b) Nanoscience and Technology Program (TIGP), Academia Sinica.

(c) Department of Engineering and System Science, NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan


We have studied the very early stages of Si deposition on Pb/Si (111) surface with use of VT-STM. We have observed the formation of Si clusters on Pb/Si (111). The clusters formation depends on the sample preparation conditions. Mainly three types of cluster have been found on Si-Pb/Si (111) surface- C5, and C7. C5 cluster found at low temperature and stable up to 245K ±5K. C7 cluster found when the sample temperature is > 260K. C7 cluster is stable at room temperature and shows rotational property. Some clusters found near to defect sites and are very stable. Both C7 and C5 clusters shows different dynamic behavior on Pb/Si (111) surface. Si clusters played a role of nucleation site for coming Si adatoms during deposition and mass transportation.

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