Electrochemical mechanism of silver nanoprism shape transformation

E.V. Abkhalimov, B.G. Ershov, E.V. Sharikova, E.E. Yakimova

A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS

The transformation process of 40-70 nm silver nanoprisms in the presence of Cl-, Br-, and I- ions was studied. The threshold concentrations of halide ions that initiate the transformation do not depend on the size of nanoprisms. It was shown that the structure change is caused by the formation of poorly soluble silver complexes on nanoprisms and occurs by an electrochemical mechanism. The induction period preceding the onset of shape transformation is related to the formation of silver halide nanoelectrodes. The electrochemical reactions involving silver and silver halide nanoelectrodes induce restructuring of silver particles the efficiency of which is determined by electrode potentials.

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