Anand Mohan

JRF, DST. Govt.of India at C. M.Sc. College, Darbhanga, Bihar

Nanotechnology, since its inception has provided enhanced and efficient solutions to various applications in Information &communication Technology (ICT), industry, Bio-Engineering and military applications. Nanotechnology has led to the evolution of nano-machines which are tiny components comprising of arranged set of molecules performing pre-determined tasks. The interconnection of nanobiosensors and nanodevices with Internet has led to development of next generation standard based on IoT, Application areas and Challenges to make aware of standard for overcoming existing challenges and making use of IOT in diverse areas in near future for rapid deployment.


Keywords: Nanotechnology,nanonetwork,IoT-devices



I would like to thanks for the assistance and the financial support provided by the DST Govt.of India 

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