R.Sureshkumar and UrmilaSriSyamala

JSS College of Pharmacy Ootacamund/JSS university Mysore

I am R.Sureshkumar working at JSS College of Pharmacy Ootacamund,India. Working in the area of Solubility and bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble drugs using lipid based self nanoemulsifying drug delivery system. Filed for three patents. Published papers on nanoemulsion in both International and national journals.

NE preparation was optimized initially by performing solubility study of the BCS ClassII drugs in different oils. The fate of drug in GIT was estimated by in vitro lipolysis model. The composition of NE was optimized using pseudoternary phase diagram study, and those formulations which solubulized maximum concentration of oil with minimum concentration of SCoS were selected for thermodynamic stability studies and dispersibility test. The SEM and TEM report also supports the results obtained by zeta sizer. The in vitro drug release from SNEDDS formulation for all the 3 drugs were extremely significant (p<0.001) in comparison to the marketed formulation and pure drug suspension. In vivo maximum plasma concentrations were found to be 25.2±1.13ng/mL, 10.52 ± 0.84ng/mL, 7.85±0.33ng/mL for the drug sample by 2h, 6h, and 8h. In vivo lymphatic absorption studies were found to be similar to the in vivo plasma studies, with maximum lymphatic concentrations of 18.68± 0.76 ng/mL, 22.41 ± 0.51 ng/mL, 19.75 ± 0.88 ng/mL for SNEDDS.

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