A. Jegatha Christy a, b, L.C. Nehru cM. Umadevi a


a Department of Physics, Fatima College, Madurai-625 018, Tamilnadu, India

b Department of Physics, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal-624 101, India

c Department of Physics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi-630 004, India

A simple combustion synthesis for the preparation of silver, gold, copper and nickel oxide nanopartilces, which alleviates the need for biomedical, has been developed and its effect on structural , morphology and optical characteritics were investigated using XRD, HR-TEM, SEM with EDS, FTIR and  UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy. These prepared nanoparticles exhibited strong anti bacterial and antifungal effects on the bacterial and fungi strains tested, probably through destruction of membrane integrity; therefore, it was concluded that the prepared nanoparticles has considerable antimicrobial activity, deserving further investigation for clinical applications.

With this aim, in this paper, we report a simple method for the preparation of silver, gold, copper and nickel oxide nanoparticles by using combustion synthesis process to fast, mild, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly rout to produce nano particles using glycine and citric acid as fuels.