University Sidi Mohamed Ben AbdellahFaculty of Sciences Dhar el Mahraz, Laboratory of Solid state Physics, Group of renewable energy and nanomaterials, BP 1796 Atlas Fez 30 000

High interest to gas sensors, especially to hydrogen sensors, is explained by the growing interest to hydrogen as a future energy carrier. On the other hand graphene and nanostructured ZnO demonstrated rising optoelectronic properties especially for gas sensing applications. In order to associate their properties, we have synthesized a ZnO/graphene based nanorods. The non resonant Raman spectra of these nanostructures elucidate the interaction between ZnO and graphene reflecting the structural properties of these hybrids. This work presents too the ability of graphene-ZnO based nanorods to Hydrogen sensing which was fast and reproducible.




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  • Please specify the working temperature of the sensor made by ZnO and Graphene.

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