Vibration Isolation Platforms, Tables, Isolators & Systems
Minus K Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of high performance
vibration isolators.

Minus K isolators are unique. They offer 0.5 Hz performance. Most other isolators
have higher resonant frequencies and hence, lower performance.

0.5 Hz Vertical & 1.5 Hz Horizontal
0.5 Hz Vertical & 0.5 Hz Horizontal

Many different sizes and configurations are available

Minus K's isolators are totally passive mechanical systems that use
only springs and flexures. No air or no electricity required.

Minus K offers isolators that are capable of isolating a few ounces up to several tons.

Minus K isolators are useful for many different industries and applications. Here is a small list of some of the many applications:

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM/SPM):
Minus K provides isolators for several OEM manufacturers, AFM/SPMs need the highest performance isolation available. The isolators enable the highest resolution possible.

With Minus K Vibration Isolation
Without Minus K Vibration Isolation

Microprobes/Microhardness testers:

Often, these instruments are placed in areas that might be near production equipment and subject to a lot of vibrations. Minus K isolators provide the best isolation for these instruments in the most adverse vibration environments

Electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM):

By using a platform with two to four isolators, isolation of an entire SEM/TEM
column unit and base is possible.

This is ideal for tough installations on upper floors when the typical built in air isolators are simply not good enough to meet the MFGs specifications.

With Minus K Vibration Isolation
Without Minus K Vibration Isolation



Interferometry:\Interferometers benefit from Minus K isolators greatly due to the extreme vibration sensitivity they exhibit. The ease of use and lack of facility requirements make Minus K isolators not only the best performance option, but the most convenient as well.

Aerospace / satellite ground testing:
Minus K has provided isolators for several customers including Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), German Center for Aerospace (DLR), European Space Research and Technology Centre/European Space Agency (ESTEC/ESA). They are also currently making the custom isolators for National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) ground testing.


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