Multiple Peak Analysis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles

Arsh Ladani, Harshil Pambhar, Jaimin Ladani, Rajan Suhagiya, Manish Dhandhukiya, Honey Kakkade, Gopi Kundiya, J.H. Markna*



In this analysis we have prepared copper oxide nanoparticles using sol-gel technique. To prepare copper oxide nanoparticles we have added aqueous solution of copper nitrate cu(no3)2 and acetic acid as a precursor. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is used to increase the speed of the formation of the copper oxide nanoparticles. XRD (x-ray diffractometry) was used for the characterization of the copper nanoparticles. The XRD pattern says that it contains the Sharpe peak of the copper oxide nanoparticles. Thus, after we have used the origin software for further analysis.

Keywords: copper oxide nanoparticles, using sol-gel technique, XRD (x-ray diffractometry), sharpe peak

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