Dr. Greg Monty

Underwriters Laboratories, LLC.

Nanotechnology is reaching the market today in electrical products and systems. Performance of nano-enabled components and products depends partially on the nanoscale contact and interconnect quality.  Superior characteristics of CNTs, nanowires, and graphene have been reported, but to take advantage of these attributes, one must insure that an excellent nanoscale electrical contact is formed.  Otherwise, high mobility, electron velocity, and conductivity; and other features, may never enhance a component/product.  The semiconductor industry hopes that graphene/nanotube interconnects will extend Moore’s Law for additional ‘technology nodes.’ This paper will discuss pros and cons of various nanotube and graphene interconnect approaches. Major technological issues remain unsolved, and restrict incorporation of nanoscale contacts and interconnects into products. Requirements, fabrication, characterization, performance, reliability, and market expectations will be addressed.

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