Applications of nanoadditives to improve biofuels efficiency

Mauricio A. Heras, Karina Ojeda, and Adriana P. Herrera

University of Cartagena, Colombia

Assistant Professor at the Chemical Engineering Program of the University of Cartagena, Colombia.  I Finished my PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico (2009) and I worked as a Postdoc with the Institute of Functional Nanomaterials at UPR (2009-2011). I have a strong experience in chemical synthesis of nanoparticles, characterization of nanomaterials, colloid interface science, materials science, and bio-interfaces. My research initiatives are focused on the engineering design of smart nanomaterials for bio-engineering, biomedical, environmental, and energy applications.


Nanotechnology has demonstrated to have the ability to improve the efficiency of different processes, complement products by adding different features, providing alternatives to the development of the energy sector, provide help to combat diseases, and get solutions to environmental problems. The growth of this science is increasing and the interest in harnessing benefits expands globally. The development of nanotechnology in the energy sector, has confirmed that is possible improve biofuel efficiency but at the same time make them more environmentally friendly. For this reason, it has been proposed and even implemented, the use of fossil fuels and biofuels mixed with nanoparticles to reduce gases emissions from combustion. However, it has not been addressed yet the possible effects of nanomaterials on human health and the environment, which cause a strong concern about the applications of nanoadditives in biofuels. In this presentation we will highlight the breakthroughs that allow the insertion of nanotechnology in the global energy sector, specifically in fuels and biofuels, and equally important the potential impact of nanotechnology on human health and the environment.

Keywords: Biofuels, nanoadditives, environment, human health.

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