M. Adeli Kodehi1, M.H.Norouzi*2, M.Benam3

Department of Physics, University of Payame noor, Mashhad, Iran1,3

Head of Rashed Research NanoAssociation (RRNA)-Iran2

Gold is the noblest of the metals. Noble metals are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air unlike most base metals. Hence, the non-toxic characteristics of gold make it a primary focus of interest for invivo applications.  At the near-infrared region (NIR: 700 to 900 nm), absorbance of all biomolecules reaches minimum which enhances optical imaging quality and efficiency. While nanorods with a higher aspect ratio along with a smaller effective radius are the best photoabsorbing nanoparticles, the highest scattering contrast for imaging applications is obtained from nanorods of high aspect ratio with a larger effective  radius. this nanoparticle conjugate has also been used to destroy the tumor within an iceball, again without significant systemic toxicity (Goel et al 2007).The future looks brighter than ever yet many hurdles remain to be conquered. A multifunctional platform based on gold nanoparticles, with multiple receptor targeting, multimodality imaging, and multiple therapeutic entities, holds the promise for a “magic gold bullet” against cancer.

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