Nanotechnology and Nanoparticles for Cancer Research. Some Computational Models for Study of Gold Nanoshells and Nanorods

Katya Marinova Simeonova, PhD,

Civil Engineer, Engineer-mathematician, Associate Professor

Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Nanotechnology and nanoparticles, have been discovered recently, as very good tool for cancer research. So, many scientists, researchers, biologists, medical workers, began to work in that actual and important field of science. Alliancies, institutions, centers etc. have been created in one and the same aim- to work for discovering of successful treatment and good clinical results for cancer. It has been established as well, that nanotechnology, based on gold nanoparticles, may be a good tool for treatment of cancer diseases. Nanotechnology, could be considered by both approaches: the first one it is  a mean for constructed atom by atom, molecule by molecule and nanostructure by nanostructure for nanodevices, nanoproducts etc. and the second one generelize the definition, that nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary science combine physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, chemistry, materials science and so on. The aim of the work, presented could beformulated as follows: to give a successful overview on application of nanotechnology and nanoparticles, in recent advancies in treatment of blood’s cancer, and other tumors. Also we could concluded by research in direction of gold nanoparticles (nanoshells and nanorods), that they possess very important optical properties for cancer research. Here has been made an attempt for author’s design  of computational model of nanoshells and nanorods’ optical properties, based on classical mechanics theories. Numerical (computational) results, have been compared by experimental data and shows a good agreement.

Key words: nanotechnology, nanoshells, nanorods, cancer, optical properties, computational models



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