Single-walled carbon nanotubes affect only blood granulocytes but not HL-60 cells

Blanka Emődy-Kiss, Edina Takács, János Fent and Susan Lakatos

Department of Pathophysiology, Laboratory Institute for Health Protection, Medical Centre of Hungarian Defense Forces
H-1134, Róbert Károly krt. 44, Budapest, Hungary

Abstract: According to our previous study, single-walled carbon nanotubes activate platelets and promote the formation of platelet-granulocyte complexes. Furthermore, they induce a slight increase in the expression of some adhesion molecules (CD 11b, CD18) on the surface of granulocytes if measured in whole human blood.
To reveal the direct effect of SWCNT exerted on granulocytes the undifferentiated and differentiated HL-60 promyelocytic cells modeling the immature and partially matured granulocytes were tested.
SWCNT does not increase the surface expressions of CD11b and CD18 on immature and partially differentiated but already functionally active (PMA responsive) HL-60 cells. SWCNT affects granulocytes only in whole blood suggesting that SWCNT induces a complex process with more participants resulting in changes of CD11b and CD18 expressions on granulocytes.

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