Green fabrication of gold nanoparticles for anti cancer and antibacterial activity

Thirunavukkarasu Somanathan* and Naganathan Kiruthika

Department of Chemistry, School of Basic Sciences
Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VISTAS)
Chennai - 600 117, Tamilnadu, India


The gold nanoparticles synthesis has been achieved by the reduction of gold metal ions mediated by aqueous combined fruit peel extract. Nano-cytotoxicity of nanoparticles was studied against HT-29 cell line and antibacterial activity was evaluated. Nanoparticles are characterized by the several physico-chemical techniques of UV-spectroscopy, FTIR, and TEM analysis. UV-results of aqeous peel extract mediated Au nanoparticles shown intensive peak at 536 nm. FTIR examination affirmed reduction of Au3+ particles to Au0 particles in incorporated gold nanoparticles.The TEM investigation demonstrated the molecule estimate between 25-45nm, and spherical in structure.The gold nanoparticles have indicated better bactericidal impact against E.Coli, S.mutant out of each gram posstive and negative bacteria. The extract of BOPA (Banana,Orange,Pomogranate,Apple) rapidly reduces Au3+ to Au0 and improves amalgamation of gold nanoparticles with hostile to abnormal cell growth.

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