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Lina L. Sartinska
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Profile Information

I am...
My research field or area of interest innanotechnology
materials science
Interest in...
• Synthesis and characterization of boron nitride nansized powder materials (nanotubes, nanowires, nanorods) produced in optical furnace without catalysts.
• Special interests involve the development of nanostructured high-efficiency emission materials for solar-to-electric energy converters.
• Investigation of the electrocatalytic activity of electrodes based on nansized powder materials (nanotubes, nanowires, nanorods) BN and BN – C produced in optical furnace without catalysts.
• Optimization of production methods for mechanical properties in composite electrochemical coatings
• Nanozsized powders produced by plasma-chemical synthesis studying and evaluation.
• Surface modification of hot-pressed ceramics under action of induction heating.
• Effect of phase composition of the initial nanosized powders on mechanical properties and phase composition of nitric hot pressed ceramic materials.
• Correlation between mechanical properties and microstructures.
• Sintering behaviour of ceramics.
• Effect of mixing process on the structure and properties of ceramic materials
• Wear testing of ceramic materials
• Effect of grain boundary compositions on the properties of ceramics.
Publication list
Recent Publications

1. L..L. Sartinska, L.L. Fedorenko, A.A. Frolov, I.I. Timofeeva, N.M. Yusupov, B.M.Rud’. Producing of boron nitride in nanostructure state, "Metal physics and newest technology. V.28, №6, 2006, P. 739-747.
2. .L.L. Sartinska, A.A. Frolov, A.Yu. Koval’, N.I. Danilenko, I.I. Timofeeva, B.M.Rud’. Structure transformation of boron nitride under action of concentrated solar radiation. Proc. IV Int. Conf. Materials and coatings in extreme conditions: investigations, applications, ecological technologies and utilization of products. 18-22 Sept. 2006, Zhukovka, Big Yalta, Crimea, P. 181. (in Russian).
3. L.L. Sartinska, S. Barchikovski, N. Wagenda, B.M. Rud’, I.I.Timofeeva. Laser Induced Modification of Surface Structures. Applied Surface Science, Volume 253, Issue 9, 28 February 2007, Pages 4295-4299.
4. L..L. Sartinska, G.A. Pokryshko, E.M. Zavarach, I.V. Urubkov, I.I. Timofeeva, B.M.Rud’. Composed electrochemical nickel coatings based on nanosized boron nitride. Digest of IPMS. “Modern problems of physical material science”, Kiev, Ukraine. 2007. P.167 – 172. (in Russian).
5. L..L. Sartinska, G.A. Pokryshko, E.M. Zavarach, I.V. Urubkov, I.I. Timofeeva, B.M.Rud’. Composed electrochemical coatings based on nanosized boron nitride. Int. Conf. «HighMatTech”, 15-19 Oct. 2007 г., Kyiv, Ukraine, P. 478. (in Russian).
6. Sartinska L.L., Frolov A.A., Andreeva A.F., Krysjuk E.Ju, Urubkov I.V.,Timofeeva I.I, Rud’ B.M. Structure and optical properties nanosized boron nitride produced in the optical furnace without catalysts. Int. Conf. “NANSYS 2007”, 21-23
Nov. 2007 , Kyiv, Ukraine, P. 169.
7. Sartinska L.L., Frolov A.A., Andreeva A.F., Kasumov A.M., Kobal’ A.Yu., Urubkov I.V.,Timofeeva I.I, Rud’ B.M Structure and optical properties of nanosized boron nitride obtained in optical furnace without catalysts. Digest. “Nanosystems, nanomaterials. Nanotechnology” 2008 will be published. (in Russian).
8. L.L.Sartinska, A.A.Frolov, A.Yu..Koval’, N.A.Danilenko, I.I.Timofeeva, B.M.Rud’, Transformation of Fine-grained Graphite Boron Nitride Induced by Concentrated Light Energy. Materials Chemistry and Physics 109 (2008) 20–25.
9. Sartinska L.L., Frolov A.A., Andreeva A.F., Kasumov А.М. , Urubkov I.V., Коval’ А.Yu., Timofeeva I.I., Rud’ B.M. Properties of Boron Nitride Produced in the Optical Furnace without Catalysts., Abstract Book 'WomenInNano'' Winter School, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia 7-9 February 2008, P.104 – 105..
10. Pokryshko G.A., Drobot O.S., Pidgaychuk S.Ya., Yavors’ka N.M., Sartyns’ka L.L. Compound for obtaining of composite electrolytic coatings based on nickel with additions of nanosized nitrides. Patent application 17.09.07. Favourable decision № 200710329. 26.11.07. (in Ukrainian).
11. A.A.Frolov, L.L.Sartinska, A.Yu..Koval’. Application of the optical furnace for nanosized boron nitride production. Nanomaterials (2008) will be published (in Russian).
Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name
Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, NAS of Ukraine,
Researchgroup, Institute, Company, University, School webpage
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At 3:03am on October 13, 2011,
Full member
David Lyndel

hi lina or Dr. Sartinska. hope you are doing great as is your family. had to just say hello.

At 11:30am on March 29, 2010,
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Zhenyu Zhang
Will let you know if any chance comes up.
At 10:50am on March 29, 2010,
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Dr. Nagender Reddy
At 10:29am on March 29, 2010,
Full member
Dr. Nagender Reddy
HI Lina..sure send me your cv..here i have a ukraine guy who is doing his PhD..i will ask him to search a postdoc for you...:)
At 5:32pm on August 2, 2008,
Full member
Lina L. Sartinska
At 2:40am on July 20, 2008,
Full member
Jose Feneque, DVM
Welcome to our community!

Jose Feneque, DVM

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