Amorphous bismuth and GO co-doped WO3 electrochromic film with fast-switching time and long-term stability

Jin You Zheng 1,2, Qimeng Sun 1,2, Huijing Yang 1,2, Shuang Yu 1,2, Mengsi Li 1,2, Xiaomei Yu *1,2, Chengduo Wang 3, Tiantian Liu 1,2, Songjie Li *1,2

1 Engineering Research Center of Advanced Functional Material Manufacturing of Ministry of Education, School of Chemical Engineering, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou 450001, China.
2 National Key Laboratory of Coking Coal Green Process Research, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China
3 School of Material Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan 450001, China



The sol–gel process for fabricating electrochromic thin films is straightforward, offering advantages such as low cost and ease of compositional control. Herein we prepared GO–Bi–WO3 films with improved electrochromic performance using a simple sol–gel spin-coating method. The sample shows a fast-switching time (1.8 s for coloring and 1.8 s for bleaching), large optical modulation (85% at 630 nm), excellent stability (86.4% retention after 10200 cycles), and high coloration efficiency (65.9 cm2 C−1). This work indicates the electrochromic performance of WO3-based films can be enhanced by incorporating GO, which provides an effective strategy for the rapid, safe, and efficient fabrication of electrochromic thin films.

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