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Revolution in NanoTech

A Revolution in NanoTech - When the three major branches start working together such as:

1. NanoTech
2. BioTech 
3. ImfoTech

NanoTech will able to offer self healing and self assembly model.
BioTech will contribute self replicating biological process wher

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"Call for abstracts in Novel Antifouling coatings, Nano based paints, Modified surfaces for Bio-fouling Control, Anti-fouling, Bacterial adhesion and larval settlement"

Abstract submission date 20th July 2018

DST - SERB sponsored National Symposium on

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Polymeric nanocapsules

Polymeric nanocapsules #Polymeric_nanocapsules are advantageous because of their ability to control the release rate and the penetration/permeation of drugs and active ingredients in the skin. These properties can be modulated through manipulating th

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"Call for abstracts in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Biology"

Abstract submission date extended to 12th June 2018

DBT sponsored "National Symposium on the Application of Genomics and Proteomics in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Biology"


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M. Michalska, D.A Ziółkowska, J.B. Jasiński, P.-H. Lee, P. Ławniczak, B. Andrzejewski, A. Ostrowski, W. Bednarski, S.-H. Wu, J.-Y. Lin


Lithium manganese oxide nanopowders doped with Ce ions are synthesized using modified sol-gel method and the

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