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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology


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Nanoparticles, Drug Delivery, Pharmacology

Publication list

Islam, A., Dwivedi, D., Farooqui, A., Parthasarathi Dash, P., Mishra, A., Saraswat, N., Siddiqui, M., Singh, S. and Verma, P., 2022. Nephroprotectant for acute kidney injury. Patent No. DE202022101070U1. Islam A, Mishra A, Siddiqui MA, Siddiquie S. Recapitulation of Evidence of Phytochemical, Pharmacokinetic and Biomedical Application of Silybin. Drug Research. 2021 Nov;71(09):489- 503. Mishra Anuradha, Ahsan Rabiya, Islam Anas, Tiwari kumar Rohit and Dash P Pragyandip, Hybrid nanocarriers for neurological disorders: Diagnostic & therapeutic Approach, Recent Patents on Nanotechnology 2022. Siddiquie Saman, Ahmad Afroz Md, Ahsan Farogh, Mahmood Tarique, Arif Muhammad, Khushtar Mohammad and Islam Anas, Current Phytochemical and Pharmacological Outlook of Actinidia deliciosa (Kiwi Fruit), Current Functional Foods 2023: e160921196538. Siddiqui M.A., Rahman M.S., Islam A., Usmani A., Ahmad U., EMODIN: ANTICANCER AGENT, Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents, 2022, Vol. 9, 1-39.

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Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University

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