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wastewater treatment

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1. N.K. Soliman, H.F. Alyafei, A.A.M. El-Reedy, R. El-Sayed, G.M. Al-Senani, M.N. Alshabanat, S.H. Mohamed, M. Shaban, K.F. Debbabi, A. Hamd, Internaal Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (2023) 1-24. 2. Hamd, A.; Salah, D.; Alyafei, H.F.; Soliman, N.K.; El-Reedy, A.A.M.; Elzanaty, A.M.; Al-Saeedi, S.I.; Al-Ghamdi, A.; Shaban, M.; El-Sayed, R.; et al. NaOH-Activated Natural Glauconite for Low-Cost Adsorption of Congo Red Dye. Water 2023, 15, 3753. 3. A. Hamd, M. Shaban, G.M. Al-Senani, M.N. Alshabanat, A. Al-Ghamdi, A.R. Dryaz, S.A. Ahmed, R. El-Sayed, N.K. Soliman, Scientific Reports 13(1) (2023) 8082 4. Mohamed HS, Hamza ZS, Tawfik WZ, Mohammed NA, Abd El-Mageed HR, Soliman NK, El-ZairyHA, Hegab MY. Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Section A: Chemistry. 2023; 10(4): 903-918. 5. Mohamed, H.S., Tawfik, W.Z., Hamza, Z.S., Yasmeen R Kfafy, Ashraf A El-Bassuony, Sayed A Ahmed, HR Abd El-Mageed, N.K. Soliman. 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