Why Nanopaprika is ruffled?

I was reading a blog by David where Andras showed his unhappiness on the Nanopaprika growth.


András restlessness and dissatisfaction with the pace of growth of Nanopaprika are very expressive. I was happy to learn about his restlessness.

However, did the Nanopaprika try to evaluate the reason behind its slow growth? If we see the trend, Nanopaprika is on the way to become a nano-community website for conference advertisement or PhD or PostDoc position postings. This can be seen by the mails we received in our mail box from Nanopaprika. So the growth of Nanopaprika is moving towards ending up in a job portal site rather than an active nano community.

Look at the blogs, for example, major portion of the blogs contributes to the conference adv. postings or studentship postings. These posts are relevant too as they are responsible for keeping Nanopaprika hits alive.

However, if Nanopaprika has to insights the long course vitality, Nanopaprika has to come up with a vision of supplementing new dimensions apart from such postings. Nanopaprika had to dive into the psychology of the humans working in or around nanoscience. What are their needs? What are the paraphernalia which can be the focus to blaze up the nano-community?

Work out the riddles of nano-humans mind, crack them out, and I am sure that it can help remove the restlessness out of András legs.

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  • Hi Wolf,
    I was not repulsive to your remark. I am rather apologetic if my writing has pain you. Yes you are factual that this forum is not about philosophy. However, Science over all is a philosophy in itself.

    I already appreciated your idea of the new area devoted to science blogs and liked it very much. It will be my gratification if I can contribute to Nanopaprika.

    So Sir, what's your notion regarding Nanopaprika? How and from where we ought to initiate?
  • Hi Vyrom, perhaps my English is too poor, but you definatively got me wrong. The statement to complaining was ment as a general statement not as a comment to your blog. To your philosophical ideas about feeling and brain I cannot fully agree, but this is not a theme for this forum.

    I would apreciate if we could promote our ideas and help to make this forum more structured and by that more attractive.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding I initiated. 

  • The word “complaining” is the usual rubbish that the mind loves to chew on. So Wolf, my writing this blog is not at all about complaining. If this would have been the case, you wouldn’t have posted the reply. Isn’t it?

    Your reply can be seen from two point of views. Either you are complaining against my complaining or your gesture is your feelings against my feeling .And I strongly believe that you were not complaining against my complaining. Isn’t it Sir?

    At the every moment of feeling there is no room for verbalization of the brain. Moment of feeling comes into being. Brain becomes still, without any movement of thought. Isn’t it Sir?

    I have already proposed few points to Andras. Interestingly, they are moderately similar to what you have suggested. Your idea of creating a second area of scientific blogs is brilliant.

    In addition to it, I also request to generate an area where people can discuss on various experimental nanoscience or nanochemistry protocols. An area where people can post new or standardized protocols, ask the suggestion for formulating one as per there needs. What's your point?
  • Complaining about the status does not move anything. Contributing is what is needed and there I think normal blogs are vanishing too fast from the surface as the frequency of new blogs is high. Would it be an idea to open a second blog area which is reserved for scientific blogs only? There scientificly relevant blogs would not get lost among all job requests and conference anouncements. On the other hand also a conference calender would be very helpfull.

    Instead of complaining a little more help to Andreas with respect to a better structurised surface initiative and more scientific contribution are necessary!  

  • Dear Vyom,


    Yes. you are right, in last times really there are mostly confeence infos (I add this free to the page or as a part of an link and info exchange between the events and nanopaprika).


    The other parts are mostly PhD positions and students looking for a job. I also try to find new bloggers, but its really not easy for a mostly non-profit site with a very low budget.


    The content really depend from the members. I think it is much better to have job and conference post as nothing.


    If you have any idea how to make Nanopaprika better please share with me.


    the editor


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