Image Creator: Simon Francis. Released under Creative Commons Licence 2.5." In order to make the games available to as many teachers and students as possible, NanoMission seeks sponsorship to cover game development costs. Opportunities are available from 10K$ (£5,000 €7,500) to 350K$ (£180,000 €270,000)."" The branding available through sponsorship, along with the advisory role open to sponsors for having input into the design of the games, provides a unique opportunity to position the sponsors as leaders in the developing field of nanotechnology education..."" Benefits of Sponsorship include:* Creating an association between your organization and the field of nanotechnology to upcoming generations of scientists, engineers, and technologists.* Exhibiting strong social responsibility by supporting and encouraging science education.* Increasing public and media awareness of your organization’s role in the developing field of nanotechnology.* Shaping the understanding and discussion of nanotechnology now and into the future: securing a thought-leadership role."Contact Kam Memarzia (Kam at to receive a sponsorship packet laying out the options.,com_frontpage/Itemid,46/
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