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Polymeric nanocapsules

Polymeric nanocapsules #Polymeric_nanocapsules are advantageous because of their ability to control the release rate and the penetration/permeation of drugs and active ingredients in the skin. These properties can be modulated through manipulating the qualitative and quantitative compositions of formulations. The chemical nature of raw materials can define the #supramolecular structures of the #nanocapsule core and surface. In addition, #polymeric_nanocapsules protect the encapsulated drug or active ingredient from degradation by acting as reservoirs. Aqueous suspensions of polymeric #nanocapsules are directly applied on the skin or used as intermediate products for semisolid formulations, such as #hydrogels and emulgels. The rheological characteristics of semisolid formulations can be modified by the presence of nanocapsules. Polymeric nanocapsules are valuable devices for #skin applications and represent a promising research field in terms of providing products to be explored by industry. 3439934646?profile=original

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