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Organic Transistors to Grey Goos

Introduction to Grey Goo or Gray Goo: -

The fantasy apocalyptical worst-case scenario involving Nanotechnology was named by Eric Drexler as the “Grey Goo” in 1986 in his book Engines of Creation. The Grey Goos are nothing but the Destructive Nanobots which are accidentally created that have the capability to self replicate themselves feeding organic matters & inorganic matters for their survival. Ultimately, they devour all forms of life. There are also other types of Goos such as Red Goo, Green Goo, Blue Goo,.

Red Goo : They are the intimately produced self replicating Nanobots or nano machines for the destruction effect and are used for future wars. Refers to designed nanotechnological objects for destruction, similar to grey goo, which is accidentally created

Green Goo: These are the nano machines but used for life saving purposes, medical surgeries etc., environment friendly goos.

Blue Goo: Opposite of Grey Goo. Beneficial nanobots.                 

End of Moore’s Laws: -

          The present day improvement in all the technologies, computing, automation, etc., are all due to the invention and miniaturization of one important device called TRANSISTOR. They are miniaturized as small as possible these days. The more transistors embedded in the silicon chip, the more faster, more better, more performing computing could be achieved. And, that is the reason for the present day Lithographic Techniques for production of Semi Conductor Chips all over the world, turning the world upside down.

All these inventions were once a long time before was discovered and coined out by a great personality in two laws. Those two laws were the basic rules for the present day Computer Age and that rules are going to be the conversion bridge from the Present Computer Age to the Future Nano Age. The number of transistors used in an integrated circuit has increased phenomenally in the past 40 years.

In 1965, Gordon Moore, the co- founder of Intel, observed that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. Moore predicted that this trend would continue in the foreseeable future.

In the subsequent years, this pace slowed down, but the data density doubled  approximately every 18 months. This is the current definition of Moore’s Law. Most experts, including Moore himself, expect Moore’s Law to hold for some more time. For this to happen the device dimension must shrink, touching the nanometer regime very soon. The Pentium 4 of 2000, used a 130 nm technology, i.e. the device structure drawn on silicon was as small as this dimension. In 2004, the technology graduated to 90 nm, well into the nanotechnology domain (under 100 nm) and 45 nm technology is being discussed currently.

        The complexity of integrated circuits as seen in the evolution of Intel Microprocessors.


Moore's first law states that

–     “the amount of space required to install a transistor on a chip shrinks by roughly half every 18 months.”

Moore's second law predicts that

–     “the cost of building a chip manufacturing plant doubles with every other chip generation, or roughly every 36 months.”

And upon a close look, if there is a beginning, then there must be an end. If Moore was able to predict the beginning of the Transistors shrinkage, then the end of transistor shrinkage was predicted by the Scientist, Jon Hendrick Shon during 2001-2002.

            Lets consider a wire of length ‘l’, having a diameter of ‘d’, assume under normal conditions, the current flow in that wire will be normal having withstandable resistance and heat. Now, if we expand that wire which is similar to that of embedding transistors in the silicon chip, then the wire could hold or expanded only to a certain length and it conducts normally. But, if that goes beyond limit, the wire burns out and the circuit will be opened out.

 Likewise, the same similar situation happens in case of silicon chips that no more number of present day transistors could be embedded in them. Under such a situation (which is likely to happen in a not too distant future), the Moore’s Laws either faces end or faces evolution.

            That depends upon the invention of another age, that triggers from another small invention but greater technology, that are the invention of ORGANIC TRANSISTORS. If organic transistors were discovered, then the Moore’s Laws will either end or evolve. That will open into the transition from the Computer age to the Nano-age.

Organic Transistors: -

          First of all, the important point about the organic transistors is that they are the transistors which are derived out of the organic matters such as wood, leaf, flower, human hair, liver cells, etc., whatever could be the possible solution that gives the required characteristic graph of the Semiconductor’s behaviour i.e., for a small change in the input voltage, there must be a large change in the output voltage.

If such a transistor could be found having omnipresent viability, then the production of integrated chips and transistors need not take place in million and trillions of invested Lithographic Laboratory Industries, but very simply calmly inside a normal chemistry lab with worth a cost of a set of beakers and chemicals.

These organic transistors may have the capability of transforming the present day world so simple that unimaginable things may happen.

The present transistor sizes of about 45 – 90 nm, but the organic transistors, will be sizing hardly 2 nm each and thereby we can able to think of the denser packing of transistors in the Integrated silicon chips, thereby faster computing may be possible.

If these organic transistors were possible, then the transistors and MOSFET switches will not be of micrometer size but could be of six to seven atoms put together in a string of thread, doing the fantabulous job of a 1000 nm bead of clumps.  

The Nano- Age:-

            The endless possibility opened up by the organic transistors would be quite strange to imagine. It may even exaggerate more than that of the Science Fiction films and stories, but they are very real and they will be happening one day. Because, its not about the transistor that has shrunken but it’s the whole world, which has shrunken down. The possible future Nano-Age will be as follows,

[1]. Because more denser packaging of Integrated chips & Faster computing, we may able to visualize tomorrows world with advanced techniques for predicting climatic changes cyclones rains, etc., in prior advancements saving millions of lives.

[2]. We can produce Green goos which can enter our body’s immune cells without disrupting cell’s structure and thereby they can become the integral part of our body. A world without Disease and surgeries could be possible with decades of elapsed lifespan. 

[3]. A single Nanobot can reach our brain and replace our Neuron cell. Thereby controlling our whole brain and human using a single Nanobot.

[4]. A step advance, the imagination could be far extended to the possible Nano-War in future years using Red Goos.

[5]. Further more advance, the killing of the entire  country or military force just be a single cell releasing such nanobots.

[6]. Adding to the creativity, we can set up a small nanobot in air to enemy’s warfield thereby watching his moves and activities.

[7].The discovery of organic transistors wouldnot end up with the above things, but these self replicating ability enhancers could be the world of another hell called “GREY GOO”.

Grey Goo: -

          The extreme possibility of the invention of Organic Transistor will lead to the accidental encounter of grey goos. This is because of the reason that once the organic transistor has been developed, we give them the power of reproduction which is the unique character of all living forms. And thus apparently, we trigger up with those transistors which could self replicate, self organize into nanobots,  and finally they prey on us. Our future is to become their prey.

            They feed on plants, animals, and finally on us. Devouring our whole world. Once the machines which were called life saviours will now become the non-biological cancer. Those situations are called to be the Grey goo scenario.


Conclusion: - 

The suggestion of this discussion is that Nanotechnology has given the power to manipulate everything we want. but, we must sure enough that they should not manipulate on us. We must be the creators. Atlast, the nanotechnology must be recommended but with caution.


Unfortunately, the readers of my creativity need not fear that till now [2012], the talk of organic transistors is merely just a discussion. but once the discovery of the Organic transistors begins, the Game starts. Its not about the Nano Vs Human. Then it will be between

                                 Goos Vs Goos.

            “Our Future is to become their Prey !”








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    Over the centuries religion has held back a scientific examination of the ancient Greek Science For Ethical Ends. This science was derived from fusing ethics into the Nous of the philosopher Anaxagoras. The Science-Art Centre postulates that this modification of the Nous upgrades its symmetrical fractal expression to an asymmetrical function, extending the evolutionary process to infinity, in contradiction to Darwinian theory and Einstein's 20th Century world-view. This argument supports the 1937 Nobel laureate in Medicine, Szent Gyorgyi's concept that the evolution of consciousness balances universal entropic decay. If correct, the new Platonic-Fullerene chemistry, based upon the Science for Ethical Ends, must embrace sustainable guidelines for the fundamental development of nanotechnology.


    This ethical concept from the Humanities might be noted by the developers of nanotechnology. It will be of great future importance if they might contact the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia expressing an interest in this aspect of the Humanities. It is anticipated that considerable futue funding will become available to address this serious matter.


    Professor Robertt Pope, Australian Ambassador to Florence University's New Measurement of Humanity Project.


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