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December 9

I am...

Social scientist

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Philosophy of Science. Upgrading the fractal logic of the Platonic Science for Ethical ends into a modern day rigorous science. My research program during the 1980s resulted our mathematician's discovery of life-force mathematics reprinted by IEEE SPIE Milestone Series 1990. The work won a Biology Prize for the discovery of new physics laws governing optimum biological growth and development through space-times. The research methodology was given to me by Kun Huang, China's most highly awarded physicist in 1979. General dispute over the then accepted understanding of the second law interupted the program but my modification to Leonardo's optics key led us to link the functioning of liquid crystal optic to Dr Candace Pert's Molecule of Emotion in order to make further discoveries. I successfully renamed the Fullerene Medical Science of the three 1996 Nobel Laureartes in Chemistry as Platonic Fullerene Chemistry (see entering that term into google search,

Interest in...

Recipient of 2009 Telesio Galilei Academy of Science (london) Gold Medal Laureate. For successful modification of Leonsrdo da Vinci's Theory o Knowledge Our objective is to establish a HUMANITIES Social Cradle to help bring about the 21st Century Renaissance

Publication list

Diamond Expert Author See CV Several films of my work have been made about the new science

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Director Science-Art Research Centre of Australia

Researchgroup, Institute, Company, University, School webpage

https://Science-Art Reasearch Centre of Australia

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