Need a mentor on silver nano synthesis

I am working with a company that wants to utilize the powers of silver through antimicrobials. The company is looking is to add these nanoparticles to their textile products in the dye bath. The company wants me to look at the most economic way of doing this whether investing in the equipment to manufacture or a supplier. Can someone point me in the right direction of the most efficient synthesis equipment to produce nanoparticles between 10 - 15 nm. What type of equipment is needed to produce on a mass scale. Please help me? What other info is needed to spec out equipment?


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  • We can produce >>100kg per month nano silver.

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  • i have been synthesized different shapes of Ag nanoparicles via spherical, rod shape and cube shapes for biological application (antibacterial study).
  • Hi Fisher

    You can prepare Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) by two routes physical and chemical.
    of which physical route will be bit costly, the best physical route in terms of cost efficiency could be laser ablation.

    Otherwise, chemical routes and biological routes are well developed and can produce large amount of Ag NPs, but you have to choose right method and controlling agent to synthesize 10-15 nm particles

    Best of luck

    Vyom Parashar
  • hi herman

    manufacturing silver nano-particles, also in large quantities, is quiet easy. Basically you need glasware and a stirrer. Given the low price of nanosilver it may be not worthwhile to make it on your own. Please feel free to contact us

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