In memoriam Michael McDonald aka CaptNano

We inform all the members of The International NanoScience Community, that Michael McDonald aka CaptNano, member of the TINC Scientific & Advisory Board and blogger of TINC died on 21th April 2009. "Michael left this earth plane Apr 21, 2009 about 2:30 PM. He is now working on a higher plane. Michael, Went into the hospital whith pneumenonia. It progresesed rapidly and his kidney's shut down. Michael went quickly and that is how he would have wanted it. I am so sorry I am still in shock. I was amazed by his knowledge, but must admit I am just bystander who loved him so very much." Connie McDonald
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  • It's difficult to imagine Michael not alive. So much energy, so much enthusiasm, such love and devotion to science, such a dear friend. He will be missed but remembered always.

  • Thank you for sending this notice. Michael was a very special person and was my first contact that introduced me to the world of Nano Science in 1998.
    He will truly be missed on the planet, but he will never stop working to keep us informed from the other side.

    I can still see him smiling.
  • I am sorry very much...for Michel too.
    Katya Simeonova
  • Oh ! My God !
    I am too shock by this news.
  • Michael,
    Thank you very much for all the trust you deposited on me. You introduced me to the fascinating world of Nanotechnology and in some ways made me a partner in your adventures in this field. We never meet in person, but I going to miss your emails and phone calls.

    It was Michael who brought me here to The International Nanoscience Community aprox 2 yrs ago and I was happy to see him joining the Science Advisory Board of this group.

    Michael, I promise to keep that dream of helping and promoting the field of nanomedicine alive.
    And once again thank you for everything boss!

    Your friend,

  • A salute to the great man!!!!!
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