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Biomaterials: A Nano Approach

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Biomaterials: A Nano Approach - Book Description

Biomaterials: A Nano Approach is written from a multi-disciplinary point of view that integrates aspects of materials science and engineering, nanotechnology, bioengineering, and biosciences. The book fills a glaring void in the literature by providing a comprehensive discussion of biomaterials and a scientifically plausible extrapolation of likely scenarios in which nanotechnology could play a significant role. The authors introduce and examine basic concepts, processing methodologies, and techniques involved in the preparation and characterization of nanobiomaterials that are specific to biomedical applications.

A Self-Contained Book Illustrating Past, Present, and Future Trends in Biomaterials

Spanning from the historical development of biomaterials to cutting-edge advances in the field, the text describes how basic concepts in nanotechnology are applied to the processing of novel nanobiomaterials, including nanostructured metals and alloys. With its illustrative examples and presentation of applications, this text offers a solid framework for understanding present and future trends of biomaterials in human healthcare systems. It is an ideal companion resource for students, researchers, and industrial scientists who specialize in biomaterials and nanobiomaterials.

Book Details:

Title:Biomaterials: A Nano Approach
Publisher:CRC Press

Seeram Ramakrishna, Ramalingam Murugan, T S Sampth Kumar 

Winston O Sobojeyo





No. of Pages:350
Publish Date:2010-6-1
Votes: 0
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  • I am agree with Arun and A. F. Arjamend, so I request you sir pz do something for us.


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