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TECNAN produces and commercialises on large-scale simple, mixed and doped nano-oxides as well as other high performance nanoproducts for multisectoral applications, establishing TECNAN as one of the most competitive suppliers of these new materials worldwide.


The flexibility of the methodology employed enables the preparation of a wide range of nanoproducts according to client’s specifications and those varied nanomaterials have applications in very different sectors, e.g. automotive catalysts, energy sector, construction of gas and pollutant sensors, photo-catalysts, electronic and photovoltaic materials, cosmetic, paint and varnish, etc.



• Nano-powders: Using advanced synthesis techniques, TECNAN produces and commercialises at industrial scale nano-oxides of more than 60 elements of the Periodic System in a clean and environmentally friendly way, obtaining products with high quality and purity, very small size (7-25 nm) and with multisectoral applications.


• Dispersions: All the nano-powders produced by TECNAN are available dispersed in different media such as water, alcohols and other solvents, both in standard concentrations and in ad-hoc conditions according to the client’s demands.


• Tecnadis “ready for use nanoproducts”: With it’s know-how in nanotechnology, TECNAN has developed a range of exclusive references based in advanced nanoparticle. These innovative products are completely ready to be applied directly on different substrates.


• Masterbatches: TECNAN is highly skilled regarding incorporation of diverse nanofillers into polymeric matrices in order to obtain optimised properties for a broad spectrum of plastic materials such as polyethylene, both high and low density, polypropylene, EVA, rubber, etc.


TECNAN has industrial scale production (from grams to tonnes), with high quality standards, high purity, stability at a very competitive price, in a flexible and environmentally friendly way, since no waste or by products are generated. Due to its automated production process, TECNAN assures high homogeneous batches and also narrow nanoparticle size distribution.

Javier Ibarrola

Marketing & Sales Dpt.

TECNAN - “Think big, act Nano”

Área Industrial “Perguita” , C/ A  Nº1

31210 Los Arcos (Navarra – Spain)

Phone: +34 948 64 03 18 Ext. 123


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