I. Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design:
  by Sergey Y. Yurish, IFSA Publishing, 2011, 419 pages:

II. Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation:
  by Maria Teresa Restivo, Fernando Gomes de Almeida, Maria de Fatima Chouzal, et al., 2011, 234 pages + media files



  Sensors and Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), Vol.137, Issue 2, February 2012
  is online (http://www.sensorsportal.com/HTML/DIGEST/New_Digest.htm):


1) Application of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Twin Sensor for Selective Label-free Immunoassay to Simultaneous
  Antigen-antibody Reactions,
  Naoki Mizutani, Sergiy Korposh, Roman Selyanchyn, Shunichi Wakamatsu, and Seung-Woo Lee, pp.1-9:

2) Effect of Surface Modification on SrTiO3 Thick films: Room Temperature H2S Gas Sensor,
   D. D. Kajale, V. B. Gaikwad, S. D. Shinde, D. N. Chavan, Ganesh E. Patil, V. P. Patil, G. H. Jain, pp.10-21:

3) Mechanistic Modeling, Simulation and Control of Humidity Sensor Characteristics,
   Vinod Kumar Khanna, pp.22-35:

4) Internal Noises in MOS/EIS, MOSFET/ISFET Structures & Light Addressable Potentiometric Sensors,
   Ferdinand Gasparyan and Vladimir Aroutiounian, pp.36-46:

5) Properties and Gas Sensing Mechanism Study of CTO Thin Films as Ethanol Sensor,
   Ganesh E. Patil, D. D. Kajale, V. B. Gaikwad, N. K. Pawar, G. H. Jain, pp.47-58:

6) Tungsten Oxide Pellet Sensor to Detect H2S Gas at Room Temperature,
   Rajendra. S. Khadayate and Pruthwiraj. R. Patil, pp.59-65:

7) Electrical Conductivity Effect for Grafted Polystyrene at Different Grafting and Gamma Dose,
   Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Mahmood Radhi Jobayr and Atheer Awad Mehde, pp.66-73:

8) Studies on Gas Sensing Performance of (Sn0.2Ti0.8)O2 Thick Film Resistor,
   P. D. Hire, V. B. Gaikwad, N. U. Patil, R. M. Chaudhari, R. L. Patil, G. H. Jain, pp.74-84:

9) Voltammetric Determination of Fluoride Ion Using Galvanostaticaly Grown Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Film,
   Prerna Aggarwal, Suman Singh, Sajeela Awasthi, Alok Srivastava, M. L. Singla, pp.85-94:

10) Influence of Reduction in the Heat of Adsorption on Noise Characteristics of Sensors,
    Vardan Paremuzyan, Vladimir Aroutiounian, pp.95-103:

11) Room Temperature Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sensing Polymer (n-polypyrrole/p-polyaniline) Based Heterojunction,
    S. V. Patil, P. R. Deshmukh, C. D. Lokhande, pp.104-114:

12) Study of the Phenomena of Transport in the Hg0.8Cd0.2Te Substrate of n-type by the Monte Carlo Method,
    Moughli Hassane, Belghachi Abderrahmane, Daoudi Mebarka, 115-122:

13) Preparation and Study of H2S Gas Sensing Behavior of ZnFe2O4 Thick Film Resistors,
    S. V. Bangale, S. R. Bamane, pp.123-136:

14) Glass Surface Functionalized with Polyaniline as a Fast Responding Humidity Sensor,
     H. M. P. C. K. Herath, E. K. C. Pradeep, M. K. Jayananda, J. K. D. S. Jayanetti, V. Kapaklis, D. P.Dissanayake, pp.137-144:

15) Electrical and Humidity Sensing Study of Nanocrtsyallite Mg-Cd Ferrites,
     Ashok B. Gadkari, Tukaram J. Shinde, Pramod N. Vasambekar, pp.145-154:

16) Nanocrystalline Tin Oxide to be Applied in a Gas Sensor,
    Mario F. Bianchetti, Ines Bracko, Sreco Davor Skapin, Noemí E. Walsöe de Reca, pp.155-164:

17) Preparation and Study of Acetone Gas Sensing Behavior of Nanocrystalline LaCrO3 Thick Film,
    S. M. Khetre, C. J. Khilare, V. S. Shivankar, S. R. Bamane, pp.165-175:

18) Nanostructured MgFe2O4 Thick Film Resistors as Ethanol Gas Sensors Operable at Room Temperature,
    S. V. Bangale, S. R. Bamane, pp.176-188:

19) Growth of Well Aligned Tin Oxide Nanotubes by a Sol-gel Method,
    Mario Bianchetti, Marjeta Macek-Krzmanc, Sreko D. Skapin and Noemí E. Walsöe de Reca, pp.189-198:

20) Recent Advances in Amperometric Acetylcholinesterase Biosensor,
    Xia Sun, Chen Zhai, Xiangyou Wang, 199-214:

21) Stability Evaluation of Protein Coating for Sensing: an Application to Silicon Based Lab-on-chip Device,
    Salvatore Petralia and Giorgio Ventimiglia, pp.215-225:

22) Gold Nanoparticles/Chitosan Dual-Layer Membranes Modified Acetylcholinesterase Biosensor,
    Xia Sun, Chen Zhai, Xiangyou Wang, pp.226-234:

23) Linear Non Iterative Sinusoidal Fitting Algorithm for Microbial Impedance Biosensor,
    Marco Grossi, Massimo Lanzoni, Roberto Lazzarini and Bruno Riccò, pp.235-244:

24) Dielectric Measurement Techniques of Biological Tissue: A Review on Electrodes Perspective,
    Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Zulkarnay Zakaria, Maliki Ibrahim, Muhammad Saiful Badri Mansor, Siti Zarina Mohd. Muji, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayub, pp.245-253:

25) Rapid Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Using Competitive Exchange of Fluorescent Surrogate Modified Surfaces in Liquid Media,
    Michael J. Anderson, Andmorgan R. Fisher, Alex Ly, Evangelyn C. Alocilja and Clint B. Smith, pp.254-262:

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