Re-Mission 2 Video Game Now in Development

© HopeLab. All Righrs Reserved. Authorized reproduction. Express permission granted.Considered to be the flagship for the health-gaming movement in the SG genre, Re-Mission™ is a Microsoft® Windows™-based third-person shooter action 20+-levels videogame for cancer patients designed with direct input from them and their oncology doctors and nurses. Deeply immersed within the complex, microscopic world of cancer-ridden bodies, Roxxi the nanobot engages in fierce battles at the cellular level to obliterate malignant, replicating cells utilizing her chemo blaster, radiation gun, and antibiotic rocket while being commissioned to activate the patients into chemo compliance, medications adherence, and integrative therapies. Other health-enabling characters are the nanotech pioneer Dr. West and Smitty, the retired nanobot prototype who serves as an embedded mentor by providing holographic guidance. The real-world environment -actual medical terminology, a feisty kid's sarcasm and showboating, visceral feel of the spinal cord and esophagus- is employed and a player's successes or failures are measured by factors such as growth of bacteria, presence of fever, and cancerous cell division. Each foe is fought with varying means, different mechanisms and the cancer patient learns appropriate fighting styles of war against disease and enemies of the body- antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation. Weapons against the cancers can be upgraded while virtual vigilance must be maintained to keep healthy cells from becoming engaged in the nanobattle.Re-Mission™'s content and online community is downloadable in English, French, and Spanish. CIGNA HealthCare, in partnership with HopeLab© distributes the games in CD or DVD format (for free) to cancer patients, healthcare workers, and institutions.

© HopeLab. All Righrs Reserved. Authorized reproduction. Express permission granted.Hopelab's collaborative investigations demonstrate measurably favourable outcomes of the Re-Mission™ approach of self-efficacy: HopeLab’s Approach to Re-Mission A Video Game Improves Behavioral Outcomes in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer the Gap: A Strategic Plan (Addressing the Recommendations of the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Progress Review Group) has contracted with game developer Virtual Heroes™ and is gearing up to create and launch a new Re-Mission2™ version:™-video-game-for-teens-with-cancer/Interview: Hopelab, Virtual Heroes Talk New Re-Mission Game For Cancer Patients

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