Question about 3D Printers and Nanodevices

Hello everyone!

I just wondering if with all the advances on 3D printer technology, can we adapt them to replicate nanodevices in a faster and cheaper way? Is somebody working or doing research about the potential use of 3D printers in the field of nanotechnology?



Jose Feneque, DVM

Veterinary Medical Center of Clayton

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  • Dear Dr.Vaseem, Please go through the given link you will find your all answer. But the instrument is bit costlier euro 400 thousand.

    If you need more application notes you can contact me or 

  • Dear Jose Feneque,

    I think 3D printers accessibility is not a problem but development of the ink is the major thrust area. Specially when you are going to deal with nanodevice fabrication. I am living in South Korea so if 3D printer can provide a best tool then certainly university research center or any particular research center can buy it.

  • Glad to hear somebody is working on that kind of project! It would be interesting that now that the 3D printers seems to be more accessible to everyone due to a reduction in prices that some universities around the world began doing research using that tool. We just need to create the right templates for nanodevices and experiment with them. Wondering how accessible are the 3D printers to other countries like for example India and the South America region.Are the 3D printers on those part parts of the world difficult to get because of cost?

  • Dear Jose Feneque,

    You have raised a very good question about the 3D printing of nanomaterials for nanodevice application. As far as I know Prof. Jennifer A. Lewis group from University of Illinois, Urbana is working effectively on this topic. Hope the day will come soon when we can see a lot of development in this field. My research area is related to Inkjet printing for metal and metal oxide nanoparticles so I am also interested how nanomaterials can utilize in printing for 3D nanodevices.

    Hope for the best !!

  • I would like to hear the answer too, because I am hoping for the day where you can press print after building a molecule in Atomistix ToolKit. ;o)

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