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Postdoctoral Fellow - Ultrafast Theory - 73509
Organization:  CH-Chemical Sciences

The Chemical Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) offers a unique postdoctoral opportunity within the Ultrafast X-ray Science Laboratory (UXSL).  The postdoc will perform theoretical and computational research in the area of ultrafast atomic, molecular and optical science  focusing specifically on multielectron and nonadiabatic dynamics of atoms and diatomic molecules subjected to attosecond and femtosecond laser pulses of arbitrary intensity.  The successful candidate will further develop current ab initio computational methodology involving the Multiconfiguration Time-dependent Hartree-Fock method and extending it to polyatomic molecules.    In addition, the successful candidate will also perform calculations describing the dynamics of molecules and atoms interacting ultrafast pump/probe pulses that can both ionize and electronically excite the target.

Key Responsibilities
• Extend and further develop existing suites of codes that treat ultrafast electron and nuclear dynamics in atoms and diatoms to larger systems and multiphoton excitation and ionization processes.
• Apply existing computational capabilities to phenomena of current experimental interest including time-dependent stimulated Raman transitions, multidimensional spectroscopy and collective excitation effects.
• Extend large-scale computational codes written in modern Fortran and C as well as develop completely new computational capabilities in those languages using both desktop and massively parallel computers.
• Develop new numerical and formal methods for ab initio time-dependent quantum calculations on atoms and molecules
• Preparation of research publications (both oral and written) on experimental results.
• Communicate results in group meetings and participate in professional activities, as appropriate.
• Direct graduate students and undergraduate assistants in the laboratory.  

• Recent Ph.D. in theoretical physical chemistry, molecular physics or closely related field.  Expertise in numerical methods and applied mathematics.
• Strong programming and scripting skills, including Fortran, C and linux/unix computing environments.
• Familiarity with modern experiments in ultrafast molecular and atomic physics.
• Ability to communicate results effectively, both oral and written.
• Independence and self-motivation.

• Experience with parallel computing, including distributed (MPI) and shared (OpenMP) memory environments is desired but not required.

Notes:  This is a 1 year term appointment with the possibility of renewal for up to 3 years based upon satisfactory job performance, continuation of funds, and on-going operational need.

How To Apply
Apply directly online at http://www.jobclub.com/banman/a.aspx?ZoneID=0&BannerID=1064&AdvertiserID=59&CampaignID=4200&Task=Click&SiteID=1&RandomNumber=558288 and follow the online instructions to complete the application process.

About Us:
The Ultrafast X-ray Science Laboratory (UXSL) is a multiple principal investigator collaborative effort at LBNL that encompasses both state of the art ultrafast experiments and forefront ab initio theoretical and computational research.   Experiments make use of both high harmonic generation and free electron laser sources.   The theoretical effort guides and supports experiments in the UXSL, as well as develops new theoretical methods and capabilities for ultrafast science.

Berkeley Lab is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to the development of a safe and diverse workforce.

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