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Profile of a Post-doctorate for 24 months to work on an  INCA (Institut National contre le cancère)  funded project entitled

Controlled Release of Antineoplastic Drug from Low and Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Polymerized Biodegradable Coatings for Oncological Applications (CoRAPlas)”.

The objective of this project is to use the innovative plasma technology to obtain biocompatible and biodegradable copolymer coatings with tailored surface properties on biodegradable membranes used as targeted anti-cancer drug delivery systems. Preliminary in vitro and in vivo results have demonstrated that it is possible to obtain biocompatible cell adhesive or cell repulsive coatings depending on the plasma power and composition, and that it is possible to encapsulate and to release drugs at a controlled rate. In CoRAPlas we propose to engineer the surface of biodegradable membranes loaded with antineoplastic drug. Different innovative plasma processes (low and atmospheric pressure, ICP, DBD, Plasma jet) will be developed and optimized to treat both sides of the membranes. Plasma diagnostics in correlation with surface characterization (XPS, FTIR, etc.) will allow to optimize the process parameters to ensure tailored and reproducible surfaces. The in vitro and in vivo studies will be performed in collaboration with the Hôpital Lariboisière, UMR INSERM-Paris7 U965. The results obtained in CoRAPlas will validate the development of commercial drug loaded membranes for cancer treatment.

The candidate must hold a PhD thesis in the field of plasma processes for plasma deposition and surface treatment, obtained less than 5 years ago. Both plasma diagnostics and thin film characterization competences are required. Experience in the field of biomedical applications is appreciated.

Please contact: Mrs. F. Arefi-Khonsari (Full Professor at UPMC)

farzi.arefi@chimie-paristech.fr  or fazaneh.arefi@upmc.fr

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