PhD position (4 years) at the Laboratory for Optics and Optical Thin Films of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute (Zagreb, Croatia) to work in the project "Metal composites for ultrathin IR coatings", funded by the Croatian Science Foundation.

The research at the Laboratory for Optics and Optical Thin Films deals with optics and material physics, including optics of electromagnetic structures with focus in optical materials, optical thin films, photonic structures and modelling in nano-optics. In this context, the aim of the project "Metal composites for ultrathin IR coatings" is the study of metal composites as highly lossy materials. Such materials can produce complex light phase shifts upon reflection and induce strong interference effects in ultrathin films. The use of metal composites is expected to open the door to new types of infrared thin film coatings.

The PhD student research will focus on the fabrication and characterization of metal alloys and plasmonic metal island films and their application to design new interference coatings for the infrared range.  Candidates with interest in material physics and/or optics and inclination for experimental work are highly encouraged to apply.

Applications for the PhD position are open till 29.10.2021 through the Euraxess web-site:

Further information can be requested at:


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