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OLED technology used to suffer from short lifespan (counted in hours till 50% brightness). But the technology improves quickly. Universal Display unveiled new materials that are long-lasting. In fact their green-yellow lasts for 1.4 million hours (!) while the red lasts for 900,000 hours. Only the blue is still a major issue with only 20,000 hours. But it is improving, too.

The company's Phosphorescent materials are more efficient than fluorescent ones. Samsung is currently using just red PHOLED (with blur and green Fluorescent OLED materials) in their AMOLED displays, which results in a display that is 15% more efficient than an LCD (showing a video that has 40% 'on' pixels). Adding the green PHOLED will result in a display that is 30% more efficient than an LCD. Samsung is using this combination in their 5.5-Gen AMOLED plant that started mass production just a few days ago. So we can expect the new Samsung AMOLEDs to be much more efficient.

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