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© 2009 Mission Critical Studios LLC, © Tres Media Group. All rights reserved. Permissions granted.Gameplay of Mission Critical Studios' Dr. Nano™ is designed around iPhone/iPod Touch's built-in accelerometer sensor system as user interface control which measures, for instance, forces of gravity and acceleration. iPod Touch software calculates pace, speed, and distance.A Dr. Nano™ player controls movement in the third person by directional tilts (right, front, left, back) which cause the iPhone (measuring the player's tilt, speed, and rest time) to respond to forces produced by motion.Tapping on the screen causes the submarine to fire a projectile toward the given target. Two fingers on the screen stops Dr. Nano in his place. An accelerator slide, throttle, calibrator, and a training guide are provided, allowing gamers to gain a handle on controls. The float-while-firing mechanism is disconcerting, but that could be understood as a reflection of the current challenge of targeted-drug-delivery within nanomedicine.Dr. Nano's mission briefings are 3D graphics tunnelling, low-learning curve adventures with the added challenge of limited oxygen supply and the requirement of increasing red blood cell counts. The game is played at 21 levels with Normal/Expert selection options. The newest release allows the player to upgrade the medical device defense system, whereas the previous point system was based solely on kill,

© 2009 Mission Critical Studios LLC, © Tres Media Group. All rights reserved. Permissions granted.Free updates are currently being developed (Kidney, Liver, Bran Eye, Gall Bladder, Bone Repair Missions); 2nd Generation is recommended for the current upgrades, which require iPhone 2.2 Software. Frame rates and overall game mechanics have been improved with the 2nd Generation release. The upcoming version is tentatively named Dr. Nano X.As an authorized Nintendo developer, Mission Critical Studios could produce a Dr Nano™ Wii™ console version. With its creation of this nano-game utiliizing iPhone as a gaming platform, this app can be considered aseducational software given that it evaluates, tests, and tracks progress of a player's understanding of biology and physics.http://www.missioncriticalstudios.com/drnanothedoctorisinsidevideogame.htmlhttp://www.missioncriticalstudios.com/drnanothedoctorisinsidevideogame.htmlDr. Nano™ is now available through the iTunes App store.

RECOMMENDED READING:A Beginner's Guide to Accelerometershttp://www.dimensionengineering.com/accelerometers.htm

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