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Nanoceramics at Reinste Nanoventures Pvt. Ltd

Oxide Nanoceramics and Nanopowder Suppliers India


Iron nanopowder, copper nanopowder, cerium oxide nanopowder, aluminium oxide nanopowder, indium oxide nanopowder, iron oxide nanopowder, silicon oxide nanopowder, silica, titanium oxide nanopowder, strontium oxide nanopowder, zinc oxide nanoparticles, zirconium oxide nanopowder, zirconia etc many other nanoparticles of oxide nanoceramics.


Non Oxide Nanoceramics:-

Aluminium nitride nanoparticles, silicon nitride nanopowder,boron nitride nanopowder, silicon carbide nanopowder, silicon nitride, boron carbide nanopowder, Gallium antimonide nanopowder, Gallium arsenide nanopowder, titanium carbonitride, titanium nitride nanopowder, titanium carbide, zirconium nitride and many other non oxide nanoceramics.


Nanoceramics blends:-Titanium Boride - Boron Carbide, Titanuim Boride - Boron Carbide -   Tungstem Boride


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