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With all due respect, I am Abhisek Chakraborty from India and I have done my PhD from University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. 
The topic of my PhD was "Advanced wet-chemical synthesis of ZnO nanostructures". During my PhD I worked on an advanced wet-chemical synthesis technique to grow ultra-long ZnO nanowires which were then used to fabricate UV sensor and Strain sensor.  
During the last year of my PhD (Jan 2016), I independently started working on low temperature solution based synthesis of ZnO-rGO composite thin films. The idea behind this work was to reduce graphene oxide and simultaneously prepare high quality ZnO thin films with superior properties in a cost-effective and environment friendly way. This composite thin film of ZnO-rGO, showed excellent memresistive behaviour, UV detection properties.
I have also worked for 2.5 yrs as researcher at Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Science, Prague, Czech Republic. My job responsibilities included synthesis of titanium dioxide thin films and powder by sol-gel dip coating technique and study of the photocatalytic behaviour of the thin films for self-cleaning application. 

I would like to continue working on 1-D, 2-D nanostructures synthesis and device development for energy harvesting, and sensors. I would also like to work on hybridization of the nanostructures in order to create novel materials for improved electronic and opto-electronic device performances. I have new found interest in graphene, more specifically synthesis and
hybridization, and since graphene science is relatively a new field, there is a lot more scope of innovation. I am particularly interested in the synthesis of graphene based composite materials and study its electrical and optical properties for a wide range of potential uses.

I am looking for a suitable postdoc position where I can utilize my expertise and simultaneously expand my knowledge. If you find my profile suitable, kindly contact me.

With Regards,

Dr. Abhisek Chakraborty

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