Greetings, All.On Saturday, 17th October, I will be participating in a 24-hours gaming marathon fundraiser which benefits the Children's Cancer Center of the Texas Children's Hospital (USA).I will be devoting my hours to the nano-games featured on this Kanada's Kids blog. I'm seeking the support of TINC members -with the approval of the creator and editor- who will donate sponsorship funds (tax-deductible, processed by the Hospital) and/or sign up as gamers themselves on my fundraising page to become members of the Kanada's Kids/TINC team.This event gives the term "pay to play" an entirely different meaning: a sponsor "pays" for a gamer to "play" videogames at a given rate for a given number of hours. For example: one member might donate 80$ to the Hospital for LaVerne to play nano-games for 8 hours at a rate of 10$ per. Another may sponsor LaVerne for an additional 10 hours at 20$, donating 200$ to the charity effort. But this means that LaVerne, in sum, has raised only 280$ that covers only 18 hours of play. So, maybe a TINC associate donates 300$ at a rate of 50$ for 6 more hours or someone else gives at a rate of 100$ for 3 more hours. LaVerne anticipates that she'll konk out at 19 hours and enlists her TINC associates to join the team and have their University associates, lab partners, and compnay colleagues sponsor them. These TINCers might all collectively bring in 500$; which means that the Kanada's Kids collective team efforts garner a total of 1080$ to the Extra LIfe charity event.Not all gamers need play nano-games; all formats are allowable.TINC and Kanada's Kids will be listed on the 2009 Teams List.Dedicated donations, named tributes, and corporate matching funds are welcomed and processed by the Texas Children's Hospital.I've solicited the help of a few others in this modest effort, but I am in need of the back-up which TINC can provide, given the time zones covered by all of us. Minimally, I'm asking for 9 hours of gaming time from any West/Pacific Coast gamers, and any from the various Europe, Asia, Africa time zones. This will cover any regional gaps; we need to play (as a team, not necessarily individually) for 24 hours straight.

All donations -in time and in money- will be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged. From 1$ to 1$M, the Hospital will collect and process it. Our current goal is quite modest: 500$ (USD); I'd like us to at least double that.My aim for us to fundraise for these children afflicted with cancers and also to increase awareness of the possibilities and promises of NanoMedicine research in their treatments. Lastly, I want to promote the place and the potentialities for Nano-Gaming in science education with a view towards tomorrow's curative discoveries made by today's young scholars, doctors, and scientists whose comprehension can measurably increase as a result of gaming.This is LaVerne Poussaint's Extra Life fudraising page: is the Kanada's Kids Team fundraising page: is the Extra Life Play Games Heal Kids poster. Please print, display, and request donations: same webpage will display us as the Kanada's Kids/TINC Team if I garner favourable responses soon: do your utmost to follow with particularity all instructions and processes denoted on the website. A currently updated Facts & Questions (FAQ) page has been provided.My everlasting thanks goes out to all of you, collectively and individually.

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